Our Process

At Certitude, we pride ourselves in delivering a consistent service and a suitable approach with each new workplace investigation we take on. Our unique peer review process ensures that quality standards are maintained regardless of which investigator you choose or the complexity of the circumstances. Quality, consistency, and trust: these are the hallmarks of The Certitude Group.

Phase 1: The Scope & Mandate

  • Establish investigation mandate
  • Review applicable policies and or legislation to assess the nature of the allegations
  • Review the complaint(s) and determine if allegations are sufficiently detailed
  • Assess prima facie case, if necessary
  • Develop the investigation plan

Phase 2: Investigation: Gathering Evidence

  • Respect for Client’s internal policies, procedures and directives
  • Respect for applicable collective agreements
  • Provide notice to Respondent and obtain Response
  • Conduct interviews with Complainant & Respondent
  • Conduct interviews with Witnesses
  • Liaising with Client on unexpected developments or complications
  • Gather documentary and interview evidence

Phase 3: Decision making: Report

  • Findings of fact
  • Conclusions regarding alleged violations
  • Drafting report according to Client’s requirements
  • Policy observations and recommendations

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